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Welcome to our on line store. We have been helping guitarists since 1995 and everything just continues to get better. It is important to tell you we take your privacy and our security very seriously.

Shipping is back to normal. We are shipping twice per week right now.

Buy an on line ebook. If you want the eBook, order it here!

You can use your own credit card or the Paypal System, we offer both. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

We have taken great lengths to make sure this is a secure shopping experience. Please notice this checkout experience runs entirely under tight 256 bit encryption and utilizes our own SSL certificate,(https://uncletim.com). When you begin to checkout, you will notice the https://uncletim.com in the url line. That is your assurance of the highest level of security. This url will be present as soon as security is required. We take security very seriously.

No credit card information is stored anywhere on this system. No one can get your information because it is not stored anywhere. This is the preferred way of doing business because it offers the greatest security for our customers.

If you have any trouble with the links on this page, click on this link and try again. Start a secure connection.

We have been serving customers on the web since 1995.

Rest assured we have your best interest at heart and complete security at the base of every click of your mouse. You can order all of Uncle Tim's books right here with complete confidence. Our order process has never been smoother.

We have always offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our products, combinations and subscriptions. If you ever want to change your mind or your order, even after you have been using it every day, just let us know. We are here to help you.

Remember that we stand behind our work and our promise to get it to you as quickly as possible. Most of the time we ship every day. Once in a while it takes two days. But we try to ship every day (M-F). Because of our decision to ship as fast as possible, your order may ship USPS, even if you asked for UPS or the other way around. Overnight, 2 and 3 day packages will always ship the specified way. If you must have one ground shipping method used, UPS or USPS, just send us a comment as you go through the check out process. There is a space for this as you checkout.

We are here to serve you and we take that responsibility very seriously. So take a look around and choose the product that is exactly right for you. Then get ready for a lifetime of satisfaction.

You have my word and my signature on that.

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