This is the home of the Uncle Tim Series for Guitar. This method will take you from your very first time playing a guitar to the highest levels of expertise. The Uncle Tim Series for Guitar is a proven method that has been helping guitarists achieve their dreams since 1995. If you want to explode as a guitarist, you have come to the right site!

The Uncle Tim Series For Guitar

This is a visual system!

You do not have to read music! You can see it and play it. This means EASY!
All the musical notation is always provided, in case you want that too!

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The Keys of E Major and C# Minor

Uncle Tim's First Year
  • This is the first book in the series and the starting point for almost everyone. This book provides a complete foundation for guitarists. This foundation becomes very important as you begin to learn to play scales and leads carved from scales and fashion chord progressions from the chord pallette.

  • Uncle Tim's First Year works out of a key based system because that is how music is encountered. Once you are centered in a key based approach, the confusion will disappear. If you are going to play in a key every day, shouldn't you learn that way?

  • Everything is presented in a visual way because it is easy to see and understand this way. Everything in these books is based on the Laws of Music Theory. EVERYTHING! Rock Solid Instruction!

  • If you have had trouble learning from other methods in the past, this might be the breakthrough you have been looking for. And it carries a ROCK SOLID GUARANTEE!

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The scales for Keys of C Major and A minor

Uncle Tim's Building Blocks
  • This is the second book in the series and introduces a very powerful 12 fret visual system that fully outlines all scales, in every key, in a way that is easy to understand and instantly usable. For the first time ever, a person can have total command over every scale, in every key for the entire fretboard. All without worrying about sharps, flats or keys. At the same time, this system deeply teaches everything necessary to play lead guitar. Make no mistake, the Laws of Music Theory guide EVERYTHING! This is rock solid instruction!

  • Uncle Tim's Building Blocks is intermediate to advanced and works off of everything taught in Uncle Tim's First Year. Almost all the memorization is done is Uncle Tim's First Year and Uncle Tim's Building Blocks can focus on using it. Everythng is fully explained while using a visual format. This powerful visual format will cut thru all the confusion and present an easy to understand method, for even the most complex subjects.

  • Uncle Tim's Building Blocks is the gateway to a full and deep understanding and total command of lead guitar statements. It is the perfect companion to Uncle Tim's Book of Chords.

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The Triads for Keys of C Major and A Minor

Uncle Tim's Book of Chords
  • This is the third book in the series and will focus on generating chords based on the scale and the key. Once the scale has been visually identified, you are in a position to see how the 12 fret matrix of scales generates all the chords in each key. Since each key is visually the same, anything learned in one key is immediately available in every key.

  • Uncle Tim's Book of Chords will break the 6 strings into four, three string sets and illustrate completely how triads flow thru the same pattern of notes the scales do. Now everything can be broken into an easy to understand BIG PICTURE that contains everything. VISUALLY!

  • Chords we all know and use are also connected into the matrix of key based playing. This book will artfully show you how chords are placed for each key and how they also flow up and down the fretboard, always inside the matrix of the key. This will greatly expand your knowledge of chords. Knowledge is power and these books expose it all! There is only one matrix and all keys use it! Everything in these books is based on the Laws of Theory.

  • This system is visual! That means EASY! It also means COMPLETE!

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The Uncle Tim Series for Guitar is available in both book format that is mailed to you, and eBook format which is delivered to you via email, at the time of purchase.

Both formats are identical except the eBooks are in color. You can purchase both formats or either one. Both are fully guarnteed.

You can also order both on-line and print versions. You do that thru the eBook sign up. If you make a mistake, just let us know. we can straighten out anything.

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Articles for Guitarists
If you are considering purchsing, you may want to review the articles. They give you a good idea of how we approach things here.

* You can learn quite a bit from the articles.
* You get a taste of how the books are written.
* The books are very detailed as well as very organized. They are another level higher than the articles.`
Uncle Tim's eBooks

A full exploration into exotic keys and different scale systems is also available. These eBooks are designed to work off of The Uncle Tim Series for Guitar system by using the same visual format but introducing laws of different types of key based systems. These systems include full suspended second or fourth triads that can be used along side the standard triads for added flavor. Most of these eBooks assume you understand the visual format already.

Click here to see all of Uncle Tim's eBooks.

Pentatonic scales cal also be found here, but not just the standard variety but all three kinds of pentatonic scales based on how the rules are altered. Everything in all these eBooks is fully backe up by the Laws of Music. The Laws create these matrixes which we are illustrating. Everything always works together with the overall series. Everything is always visual. Everything is always based on the LAWS OF MUSIC!

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Uncle Tim's Harmonic Minor Scales
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Uncle Tim's Harmonic Minor Triads
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Uncle Tim's Melodic Minor Scales
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Uncle Tim's Melodic Minor Triads
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Uncle Tim's Pentatonic Scales 12356
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Uncle Tim's Pentatonic Scales 12367
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Uncle Tim's Pentatonic Scales 13457
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Uncle Tim's Blues Scales
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Uncle Tim's 4 String Bass Scales and Triads
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Uncle Tim's 5 String Bass Scales and Triads
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Uncle Tim's Flat 3rd Scales
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Uncle Tim's Suspended 2nd Triads
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