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This is the home of Uncle Tim's Fine Guitar Books. If you are trying to become a better guitar player, you do not have to go anywhere else! Within this site are hundreds of pages of guitar oriented material and three world class books.

We suggest you start with a few articles about playing and practicing and becoming a better guitar player. Then we suggest you take a look at what a world class set of guitar instructional manuals look like by checking out Uncle Tim's Fine Guitar Books below. The menu on the left side should give you plenty of ideas for getting to know this site.

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Techniques And Exercises

Within the articles, stories, books and eBooks is a massive trove of techniques and exercises designed to help you burst through barriers that may be holding you back right now!

The articles are free.

The books have been priced so that anyone can afford to purchase one.

The approach is visual with in depth discussion. This proves to be the easiest way to communcate difficult concepts and allows anyone who wants to understand it all to gain all the knowledge they want.

And all of this information is in Uncle Tim's physical matrix so the accuracy is guaranteed. This is a complete method with a lifetime guarantee!

Uncle Tim's Fine Guitar Books

Uncle Tim's Building BlocksUncle Tim's Book of ChordsUncle Tim's First Year guitar bookThe series starts off with Uncle Tim's First Year. This is a beginner's guide to the guitar. Uncle Tim's First Year is designed to be a complete foundation for all new guitar players. Click the link for complete details.

Uncle Tim's Building Blocks and Book of Chords form a complete visual exploration of the guitar for chords and scales. These books are designed to give you quick, complete access to advanced concepts of playing guitar.

Have You Seen Our On-line Guitar eBooks?

The same rock solid theory presented in the Uncle Tim Series is available for a variety of scale and chord progressions. No matter what style of music you are interested in, chances are we have the underlying key based method to support it.

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Articles For Guitar Players

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Visit the article archive and read about musical concepts, practice exercises and the music business in general.

These articles are totally free and contain lots of solid information that augments the Uncle Tim Series for Guitar.

Inside you can find articles on right hand technique, fretboard technique, scale practice and chord combinations and much more. Remember these are totally free and available just by visiting the archive. There is no need to register or login. Click here to view Uncle Tim's articles now.