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Lead Guitar Technique Reference book, Beginner chords and scales, Guitar Books, jazz chords, Lead Guitar Technique Reference book, Beginner chords and scales, Guitar Books, jazz chordsThere are two ways to go about learning to play guitar.

One way is to learn three chords and play them over and over for years.

The other way is to learn and develop your skills and then actually spend time playing songs you like. This is why everyone plays guitar in the first place.

Uncle Tim's First Year is all about identifying, engagingĀ and developing these skills.

So why is this book so different than all the others? What is so special about it?

Uncle Tim's First Year will systematically cover the fundamental aspects of playing a guitar. It begins with a discussion of important things to know as you start and gives you guidelines about holding the guitar and positioning your hands, holding a pick and playing with only fingers. It talks about technique traps that will stunt your growth and hold you back. This discussion is meant to help you understand what you are going to do so it does not overwhelm you when you start.

Once you have the beginnings of a "mind set" in place, you then begin a study of the twelve keys. Every day you play a guitar, you will spend all of your time in one of the twelve keys. Uncle Tim's First Year will show you the scale for each key and then the seven chords created by the scale. This gives you the recipe for playing songs in that key. You work on your understanding of chords as well as creating lead guitar statements. Both of these very important aspects are addressed with each word and each exercise. Once you understand keys, you are well equipped to play the songs that brought you to this page in the first place.

Since everything you will ever play with a guitar will be in one key or another,
shouldn't you be taught how to use keys?

The twelve keys are very strategic and if you approach them correctly you can make it very easy to understand keys. The secret is to work with both the visual picture of a key and identify all the components of the key, like the scale and the chords. It is actually quite simple. If you visit each key based on it's position in the circle of fifths, you can easily see the difference in each key and how the same rules create it in the first place. These are very, very big concepts to put in place, because everything else is created out of this understanding. The visual approach is what makes understanding the concepts easy. Within four or five keys worth of playing, you will have a solid understanding of the circle of fifths. And it will be a natural understanding that comes from proper exposure and a sensitive building up of concepts over time.

Lead Guitar Technique Reference book, Beginner chords and scales, Guitar Books, jazz chords, Lead Guitar Technique Reference book, Beginner chords and scales, Guitar Books, jazz chordsYou can cut down the amount of information you must memorize to a small amount if you learn visually. Here is a huge example.

The key of C major contains seven notes, C, D, E, F, G, A and B. If you play those notes you are playing the C major scale. We use visual graphics like this one to show you the scale in an easy to use format. But we also give you the complete information behind it.

Did you know that each scale contains two tonal centers? That's right! Each scale contains a major and a minor tonal center. So at the same time you are playing a C major scale you are also playing an A minor scale. The key of A minor uses the same scale as C major because it is the relative minor of C major. Apply this to all twelve major keys and you automatically understand the twelve minor keys. You have cut your memorization in half with just this one example. Plus, you have now connected the dots between major and minor keys. By the way, they also share the same chords.

They have to because the scale is what created the chords. This kind of information can make the difference between just playing a few chords and actually knowing what you are doing. And that will make a very big difference. By the way, these same scales are so important to know that every lead guitarist will visit them each time they play a lead statement. We are always going back to these scales even if we play most of our leads higher up the fretboard. This is where you start your understanding.

After the twelve keys are studied, we go back into more discussion with visual examples. I actually show you how to carve chords out of a scale and illustrate how different chords, like major and minor chords, are made. I will show you how each key obeys the rules of music and are constructed using the same rules. Advanced concepts like transposing are covered with complete visual maps of all keys with all their chords lined up so you can see what chords to use if you play something in another key. All you have to do is go down the column to the new key and play that chord. Instant transposition with all the knowledge that goes with it. That is the basis for deep power.

Did I tell you that all the time you are learning about music, you are also playing the songs you want to play. If you are applying everything you will be playing to the music you like, you are going to excel like you never thought you could! Promise!

If you play the scales in this book as you go through it, your hand strength is going to increase greatly! That is going to get your muscles all working together and allow them to play when other people are cramping up and blowing out with fatigue! It is a proven fact that scales will help you play chords like never before. They greatly help everything!

Have You Ever Noticed That Every Good Teacher For Any Stringed Instrument uses scales as a part of their program?
Do You Think That Is A coincidence?

After we go through this more advanced discussion, we go into pentatonic scales and seventh chords. This is an advanced section. Studying these combinations together will take you to a whole new level. When you play pentatonic scales you are playing the same notes as the diatonic scales, but you are eliminating the fourth and seventh degrees, but when you play seventh chords, you are adding the seventh degree to the chords.

This will just blow your mind!

And remember you get all the facts in easy to use ways complete with visual illustration. We don't dumb any of this down either! We know you are smart and we know that if we give you this information without making you do mental gymnastics to get it, you can learn and use it quickly. And when it super charges your abilities you will write us little notes of thanks like the other users have. Did you read the comments yet from other users? Those people have already done what you are considering. Go read their words. Because that is what you are going to get! And that is a promise!

And in case you think this is just a beginner's book, think again. Uncle Tim's First Year is a preferred way for seasoned guitarists to revisit their own foundation and shore up anything they might need help with. Click here to read this 5 star review from a guitarist who came back after a 20 year layoff.

Uncle Tim's First Year is like no other book you can get anywhere.

And in case you haven't noticed, it is not going to break the bank to get it. For fifteen dollars you get a program that you can use every day for a year that will take you to new levels and far greater enjoyment while playing. Click here to buy it now.

Think about how much time you will spend playing a guitar. Over the months it adds up quickly. It can be much more than you might think. Look at how many hours you will play each year if you practice for 30 minutes a day, almost every day

Minutes A Day
Total Min.
Total Hours Per Year
165 hours
660 hours

That adds up to 165 hours a year. If you play for two hours a day, it goes up to 660 hours. That is a very big investment in time, money, energy and thinking. But when you pace it over the course of a year or so, it becomes hard to realize how much time you are putting in.

But if you are going to devote this much time to doing something, doesn't it make sense to invest 15 dollars
for a guide to understanding the guitar? Lead Guitar Technique Reference book, Beginner chords and scales, Guitar Books, jazz chords, Lead Guitar Technique Reference book, Beginner chords and scales, Guitar Books, jazz chords

Think about it. With a little guidance and help, you can shape that 165 hours to give youself results that go far beyond what you thought possible.

In one example I showed you how to cut your memorization down by 50%. By the time you finish, that will only be one of many different ways to stop unnecessary brain seizures.

Instead of just playing a few chords and always wondering how to play what you want, you can gain an understanding of how you would do it. When you learn that, all of the sudden, everything takes on new meaning. A deeper meaning. That means every time you approach the guitar, you can't wait to pick it up and try something new. It means you delight in the fact that your skills keep getting better on a regular basis. Your confidence soars, because you can feel a very real change take place. That is what you want! Isn't it?

Is this going to be too hard? No. At least that is what we hear back day after day, year after year. We have been doing this since 1995, and we have a rather long list of satisfied customers. Besides we offer a lifetime guarantee on this book.

FREE Downloads

Click here to download a pdf file containing the Table Of Content.

Click here to download a pdf file showing the key of E Major

Click here to download a pdf file showing the scale of A Pentatonic and seventh chords.

These are actual errata sheets that are posted to correct errors. You can see the care we take in creating this book and a clear idea about the layout. What you may not realize is what the other 86 pages will give you. This book will not only help you to play songs better, it will actually give you a chance to change your life. And those are the words of a dedicated user.

Is there a growth path if you want more? Of course. In fact Uncle Tim's First Year provides everything you need for Uncle Tim's Building Blocks. But remember this: you might not even need it. This may be enough for you to play what you want, so I am not trying to hook you into an endless purchase cycle. If you want to play lead guitar anywhere on the fretboard using all the knowledge you already learned, then Uncle Tim's Building Blocks will do what no other book can. And you will be so totally ready for it, you will be able to jump right in and make huge leaps again! These books and my system have proven themselves time an time, year after year. If you want to flirt with becoming great, start here and clear the decks, because we are going to change your life.

And that is a promise!

Remember we offer a lifetime 100% money back guarantee to anyone and everyone who buys it here. What are you waiting for? This is fun! Order it now!

Click here for errata sheets For the fifth printing

Notice: The current version is the sixth printing. It has been shipping since February 2006.

Uncle Tim's First Year Price $14.95
Author: Tim Gillespie
First printing 1998, second printing 1999, third printing 2000,
fourth printing 2001, fifth printing 2002, sixth printing 2006
88 pages
112 photos
Hundreds of illustrations
Cover: 4 color, film laminate, perfect binding (this binding will not tear out)
ISBN 0-9647059-5-8
Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 97-092762
Price $14.95

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