Beginner Guitar Lessons With Uncle Tim

The Uncle Tim Series For Guitar

There are a lot of different ways to use material on this site to learn to play guitar. We offer a variety of ways to learn to play because everyone is different and will have different needs. Some people need to hear sounds or see Uncle Tim play a scale to more fully understand these concepts and how to use them, while others simply want the information in a book. On this page you will find a variety of tools (as Uncle Tim calls them) that can help you to more fully engage this material.

Keep in mind that all of these materials assume you are using Uncle Tim's First Year and will reference this book extensively.

Beginner Guitar Lessons with Uncle Tim.

Now you can take guitar lessons based on Uncle Tim's First Year. Each key is broken down into the basic parts and presented using mp3 files, video files and images with close discussion of each element. The lesson program is broken down into 44 different lessons that will fully explain the most important concepts to get you playing as quickly as possible. For some people all they want is the book, while others want to get more information about these key based elements and fully embrace the practice process. If you want more in depth information on each key, then this program might be for you.

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Video Scales

This is the most popular add on to the Uncle Tim Series. Watch Uncle Tim play all the open string diatonic scales and totally break down each move and every finger position. If you are unsure on how exactly to play the open string scales, then this tool will greatly help you. Each key has lots of large photographs showing every possible detail.

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Flash Scales

Flash Scales are flash animations of all open string diatonic scales that are controlled by the user. You can start the scale and stop it, playing along with it as a practice aid. This tool was developed to help people play along with something as they practice their diatonic scales. It cvan be very helpful when you are getting started because it helps you to keep on track and it makes it more interesting to play along with.

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Flash Chords

Flash Chords are flash animations featuring several different chord progressions that are controlled by the user. You can start and stop the animations at will and walk through the progression or play along with it. Common chord progressions like the I-V-IV and the I-VI-II-V-I are featured. These standard progressions are programmed in every key so you can lrartn to play and then play along with these in every key. This can make you feel more comfortable playing in keys that you probably do not use every day now.

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Uncle Tim's Teaching Center

The Teaching Center combines all of these tools and lessons in one convenient place. It is actually an entire different site and based on Uncle Tim's First Year.

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