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How many times has this happened to you?

You get an idea for a song only to see it go nowhere. You have a small but tasteful progression, but you need more chords to turn it into a song. You wait for inspiration but nothing comes of it. So the song just sits there!

All you may need is a little help to get over the hump. It never comes, so you move on to the next clever idea. That one never went anywhere! Too bad, it was a cool idea.

Now imagine going back and reworking all those songs with new inspiration. Imagine being able to fill in those rough spots with several choices for just the right chord. Those answers are right here.

Anyone who has written a few songs has had that experience. When creating a song or trying to figure out a passage, sometimes you can get it all together but more often than not, something is missing and it's frustrating.

Something is missing and it might as well be a million miles away because it's not showing up in your music. Is there anything that can help you get past this problem? You know the right chord is out there but how do you logically figure out what it is? How do you make the connection?

Introducing Uncle Tim's Book of Chords. A complete solution to mastering chords and progressions for the guitar. Chords, just like scales, they flow over a fretboard in a very logical manner. They flow across and up/down the fretboard. Each one in a key is located right next to (or on top of) the others and waiting for you to use it to express your musical ideas. Click here to see an example.

Note: As you read this page please remember, this is a visual book. This makes it very easy to see and use it. The idea is to make this easier, not harder. Our guarantee shows this to be true.

This book will teach you how to easily use chords together in a key. All over the fretboard. Really! A key is a family of notes. A key is made from the notes in a scale. It will show you how chords come from scales. It will actually build each key for you. Visually! If you are trying to write songs or just learn some chords, Uncle Tim's Book of Chords will give you the visual tools to pick and choose chords as you see fit. Trying them out is effortless and extremely fun.

This book will define, identify and map all choices for chord progressions in a very understandable way. It uses pictures and easy, clear explanations. It works hand in hand with Uncle Tim's Building Blocks and together there is nothing in a key you cannot identify, use and play. The entire palette for song creation is right in front of your eyes. If you really want to supercharge your ability to write and play songs, this book can provide the roadmap.

If you think this may be an exgerration, consider reading some comments from our readers, just click here.

It will also provide plenty of opportunity to develop your ability to flat or finger pick chords. It can provide tasteful combinations of single and multiple notes for primary and secondary guitar parts. You will never be lost for just the right chord again. You will sharpen your mental abilities without giving yourself a headache. Rhythm Guitar, Music Reference, diatonic scales, Learn to play guitar, rhythm music scales, jazz chords, Rhythm Guitar, Music Reference, diatonic scales, Learn to play guitar, rhythm music scales, jazz chords

Scales define keys. Keys have seven notes. The notes in a scale. Each note generates a chord. Every note in a scale generates a chords. Keys depend on it! It is actually quite a bit more complicated, but as you get into it, the whole giant picture becomes clear.

But please remember, this book, just like Uncle Tim's Building Blocks, is intermediate to advanced. You will not be able to follow along easily if you are not clear on the fundamentals. If you are not comfortable with most of the underlying concepts, I strongly suggest you get a copy of Uncle Tim's First Year. It is far more than a beginner's book. It is commonly used by very experienced guitarist on a daily basis. Even if you are an accomplished player, if you need to brush up on ANY of this stuff, pick up a copy and take care of business. It will pay off in spades. Remember we are talking about an investment of $15. This should be a very easy decision. Do not underestimate this book. It is quite advanced and the foundation for the rest of the series.

Chords naturally fall within a scale and they are an integral part of a key. This is how chords are created in the first place. And remember that the scale goes to every part of the fretboard. If you do not understand this, you will struggle with chords for a very long time. Have you ever wondered why some chords sound good in a piece of music and some don't?

Why does a major chord work when the minor form does not? It is not chance. Is there ever a time when a diminished chord will fit in? There are reasons why some chords work while others do not. This book will explain it all. It will completely map the fretboard for every key and it will show you that all keys use the exact same forms for all chords (this will be quite an eye opener).

Uncle Tim's Book of Chords uses pictures, notation and text to paint a crystal clear picture. Know the chords for one key and know them for every key. I will take you though every key: you will see how every key uses the exact same matrix for all the chords the key generates. You see everything on a guitar can be traced to either a chord or a scale. For example an arpeggio is a chord that is played one note at a time. But it is still a chord.

Unlock your creative abilities and start writing the songs you want. Go beyond what most people know in a matter of days.

When learned in a traditional setting, you will probably never see the interlocking matrix of chords. I have looked in literally hundreds of guitar books and videos and have never seen it explained. You may never stumble on the unifying principles that come together to turn musical ideas into high quality songs. You may never get an opportunity to see how everything works together again. Consider reading that again. This is important.

Most people don't know it, so they can't teach it. Lots of people will tell you they know this stuff, but if you ask some important questions you will find lots of holes in their knowledge base. I have seen this year after year. I have seen it with many teachers.

These are the principles that tie everything into a nice neat package of music. And if you don't know it, you will never put yourself in a position to use it. It's buried under tons of theory that seem out of touch. But if you look at it visually, it can easily come into sharp focus very quickly. Anyone who spends time with these books will get it. Anyone! Any concept or theory you care to examine is present and spelled out.

Why do you think all these people write these nice comments? If you have not read some of these comments people send in to us, please read a few now. This link will open a new window, so you will not lose your place.

Here is another typical comment. Mean it!

Your books were the first guitar instruction books I purchased. Since then, I've spent lots of hard earned cash on other books. Your books were the only ones that I've continued to use, and most of the others are now gathering dust on my bookshelves. Thank you for your straightforward approach. I'm so dense, and feel that your material has made sense to me. Have a great day! Regards, J. B.

These books are designed for anyone to get it. Really!

If you see how the rules of music set up what works and what does not, you will be blown away! I was and still am amazed by the relationships that are present and hidden. You will be more confident, you will sound better and you can immediately explore any idea that pops into your head. And it will cause your head to be flooded with ideas. Cool ideas! Ideas you can turn into songs with a little inspiration. This starts right away and it keeps getting better.

I have sold thousands of copies of these books and have only received letters, phone calls and email thanking me for doing it. You are not taking a chance, because we offer a lifetime 100% money back guarantee this will happen! Click here to read about it.

Originally I wrote these ideas down for my own use. I was looking for an easy way to use this material while I was in a jam session. If you have two hands on a guitar and you are trying to stay right in step, you cannot stop to look for an answer. If you have it in your head you can pick the right time to play it. If you don't, you will have to make do with what you know, or the music comes to a grinding halt.

Several years ago I attended a National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show in Nashville. I approached a manager for a very large publishing company. I told him I wrote a book for guitar. I then asked him if he would consider publishing it. His first question was, "Is it a good book"? I told him it was a very good book.

I must have taken him by surprise because he shook his head, looked at me hard and I got his full attention at that moment. He then said "that is the second time I have heard that today" and went back to what he was doing. He dismissed me.

At that moment I put a copy in his hands. I explained to him that I found the empirical formula that all diatonic and pentatonic music structures come from. I showed him how every key uses this information for everything in the key. His next comment was "wow, I want a copy of this book!" True story.

He then offered to publish it and give me 10% of the profits. He scared me so bad, I went home and published it myself. That year I set up over 400 music stores (most of them still carry it). That is the same year the C. F. Martin Guitar Co. decided to carry it in their factory store and accessories catalogue. The following year the big chain bookstores jumped on board.

These companies would have dismissed me in a heartbeat except for one very big reason. These books work and work well, so they sold them. Rhythm Guitar, Music Reference, diatonic scales, Learn to play guitar, rhythm music scales, jazz chords, Rhythm Guitar, Music Reference, diatonic scales, Learn to play guitar, rhythm music scales, jazz chords

Now I offer it to you directly from my publishing company with our no risk, 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can order and use a copy at no risk to you because we offer a lifetime guarantee. Not just for 30 days. This guarantee is good for as long as you own the book.

That's right. We back every copy with a lifetime guarantee that you will love this book or you can have your money back. This guarantee is offered at this web site only. Retail outlets have their own policies and these should not be confused with our policy. If you buy from us, you are automatically protected.

I am going on record right now that I doubt very seriously you will ever return it. These books have been described by our customers as old friends. I know because we started to offer an upgrade path for the original buyers in 1995. There are about 8,000 people out there with old copies. Since then we have upgraded the graphics and diagrams and let the first purchasers upgrade them to a new version for $5.50 plus shipping.

That is the only reason I decided to publish this in the first place. I knew these books worked wonders. Since 1995 we have had two music store returns. Both from very small music stores that said they don't have the traffic or the expertise to sell it. No kidding! But every week we get at least a few letters and emails from readers telling us how we have made a big difference in their lives. Let me make a big difference in your life. If you think I am kidding, read some reader comments right now.

Don't wait. Within two days you can be on a fast paced, easy to understand road that will help you to take charge of your music. If you want to know how things work, or if you are just trying to get better, we have the answers. For the price of less than a single lesson, you can get a resource that will last a lifetime and continue to supply high quality results that will show up in your playing. You have my word on it and our lifetime guarantee. Use our secure order form right now!

You will probably never get this information in such an easy to understand format.Rhythm Guitar, Music Reference, diatonic scales, Learn to play guitar, rhythm music scales, jazz chords, Rhythm Guitar, Music Reference, diatonic scales, Learn to play guitar, rhythm music scales, jazz chords

Try it now risk free as a condition of your purchase and team up with Uncle Tim. You may never find a series like this one ever again.

Don't wait, do it today while this risk free offer is available. Order right here using our secure server and get ready to elevate your playing in a way you did not believe possible. Uncle Tim's books work!

Uncle Tim's Book of Chords Price $19.95
Author: Tim Gillespie
First printing 1996
130 pages
Hundreds of illustrations
Cover: 4 color, film laminate, perfect binding (this binding will not tear out)
ISBN 0-9647059-9-0
Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 96-094301
Price $14.95
Copyright 1996

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