Uncle Tim's Book Of Chords - Guitar Chords

Uncle Tim's Book Of ChordsHere are a couple of things to notice about this diagram of triads.

1. Notice that the first chord is played by striking open strings (G, B, E). The chord is E minor.

2. Notice these chords proceed right down the fretboard (shown in blue). They are all a part of the overall pattern and this is how they fit together. This is the diatonic signature I have described and all these chords are little parts of the diatonic signature.

3. Notice that the triads cascade down the fretboard starting with
E Minor,
F Major,
G Major,
A Minor,
B Diminished
C Major, D Minor and E Minor.

These are the chords for the key of C, in order. These triads can be used to construct bigger (six string) versions of themselves. Or you can use them as the base chord and construct 7th chords, 9th chords, etc on top of them. This is how the fretboard works (in part). If you see it visually it is easier to understand.

Since these are all in the key of C major, these chords can all work together to make songs or exercises in the key. This is just the beginning.

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