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Uncle Tim's First Year, learn to play guitarThe act of becoming a guitar player is really not hard. You just have to be disciplined to play every day and work at a few specific items over a period of time. These long term strategies build up muscle strength and finger response, so your fingers will do what you command them to do. It takes a few months to get your fingers to a point where they will behave and do what they are told.

This build up of skills is accomplished by making your fingers touch the fretboard countless times. The more times your fingers press down and release from the fretboard under strict control, the deeper skills you develop. This is really the only way to play at a meaningful, skillful level. You are learning by doing.

So we take a good close look at chords in the context of keys. This is a tried and true component of The Uncle Tim Series for guitar. When you use these resources you are always oriented in one of the western keys because that is how music really works. Every piece of music you will ever play will be in one of these keys.

Shouldn't you practice this way, if you are going to play inside them every second of your guitar playing life? Yes! You should! So with Uncle Tim, you will know what you are playing every second. You will become competent! You will lose the feeling of being lost all the time.

Uncle Tim's Flash Chords are a private studio for each key. You get the opportunity to test ideas quickly and work with chords in a free form style or listen and practice the standard progressions any time you want.

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