Uncle Tim's 4 String Bass Chords and Scales24 fret c major scale and chords for 4 string bassUncle Tim's 4 String Bass Guitar eBook

Diatonic scales, first and second inversion triads

Complete first and second inversion chords (triads) and complete major and minor scales for all keys.

This eBook contains the twenty four fret scale signature for the entire key expressed visually. Each signature contains the related major and the relative minor scale. So both major and minor keys are completely covered.

Every page contains the scale and two sets of traids, shown on the left side. In each traid set are the first inversion triads for the lower three string set and the upper three string set. Then the next set contains the second inversion triads which are also shown for 24 frets. You can see this in the small image of the complete page as well as the blow up of each column below and the 24 fret image on the right side.

Illustrating the triad cascades on the 4 String bassNotice on the big diagram on the right side the chords all flow within the pattern of notes. The chods are all carved out of the scale of the key. This is the same scale that contains all the major and minor scale. In fact it contains everything in the key of C major and A minor. Also make sure you see that the chords all flow in alphabetic order through the seven chords of the major key and then they repeat. These are also the same chords of the related minor key, A minor.

Within a very short amount of time a person can have access of both first and second inversion chords as well as complete scales for each key. All visually and available at a glance. They make great practice guides.

C major scale and first and second inversion triadsNotice on the diagram to the left side, you can see the first inversion triads right next to the second inversion triads for the same fretboard area. This is very helpful if you are trying to build a bass line with chords and single notes in it. You can easily play with and compare different voicings and finger positions.

This eBook is the first to be available as Macintosh and Windows compatible as web pages on line. This way you do not need to download executable files and we can serve both Mac and Windows platforms. And these eBooks have been formatted so you can easily print them out and put them in your guitar case. And as with all of our products this eBook carries a money back guarantee if you are ever unsatisfied.Windows and Macintosh formats

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