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Soloing is like learning to talk. Knowing the words in not enough. You have to be able to form phrases in the key and then transform them into statements. There is no time to read music notation or learn where the notes are when forming a solo. You have to show up with this information already in place. Building Blocks will show you this using images because once you have the image in your head, you know exactly where to go and you can do it on the spot.

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The Pentatonic Signature For Guitar

by Tim Gillespie

Here is the twelve fret signature for pentatonic keys. There are several different concepts to practice. Of course I encourage you to take the initiative and work outsome of your own exercises.

Play the scale using the one finger per fret strategy outlined in "The Playgrouund". Play each scale and try to move between them all. Play up one and down another. Make little routes you travel that will span two or more patterns. Travel all over!

Then try playing the fifths that are in the signature. You will have to look a little and maybe go back to a back issue and take a look at where the fifths are located. Here is the link. November 2000 Issue




Next try matching up the scale to some diatonic chords.Play these chords, find a scale around the chord and run it right after you play the chord.

Finally try this. Run a diatonic scale and then run a pentatonic scale at the same place on the freboard. This should give you a chance to get to know both types and experiment playing one over the other.

Get creative. Spend some time with this. Try different ways of playing this material. Come back to it several times, don't just play it a few times and move on. The greatest benefit will come from multiple exposure.