When you Understand music, the guitar becomes much more fun

One Thin Book Is All You Need To Make This A Special Year. Become A Better Guitar Player And Have More Fun Doing It. Do it now!
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Go To Uncle Tim's Building Blocks  guitar, sheet music, guitar chords, guitar online, acoustic guitar, playing guitar, electric guitar, guitar songs, how to play a guitar, guitar music, music theory, guitar scales, beginner guitar, advanced guitar, pentatonic scales, diatonic scales, fretboard and online guitar lessons.
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Go To Uncle Tim's Book of Chords  guitar, sheet music, guitar chords, guitar online, acoustic guitar, playing guitar, electric guitar, guitar songs, how to play a guitar, guitar music, music theory, guitar scales, beginner guitar, advanced guitar, pentatonic scales, diatonic scales, fretboard and online guitar lessons.
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Whether you are a beginner, an advanced guitar player, or somewhere in between, we have the techniques and strategies to launch you forward right now!

When a person says, "I want to learn to play the guitar" a door briefly opens.

Pick the right tool and you can walk through the door and become a guitar player. Pick the wrong tool and the door slams shut with you on the outside! It happens to people every day!

Lots of people want to play the guitar. The question is; how do you do it? What resource will give you the greatest chance of overcoming the barriers in the time frame you have in mind? You have to feel like you are improving or you will lose interest. That is one of the reasons the door slams shut. You will only give yourself so much time to do this. Lots of people try to play a guitar and never really become a guitar player.

If this is your chance to play guitar, realize that most people give up in just a few short months

There is a big difference between someone who knows a few chords and a real guitar player. You can see it in the way they hold their instrument, you can hear it in the way they strike strings and sound notes.

It doesn't just happen, it's nurtured.But before you can nurture your talent, you have to engage it! If it is in your hands, you have to draw it out. It's not going to show up by itself.

And you have to get it out in the time frame you have in mind. The same issues apply to advanced guitarists who want to continue to grow and learn! What's the surest way? What's the easiest way? What's the best way?

Usually people just want to learn a few chords and then go out and play. When they hear people that have developed their talents, they quickly realize there is a big difference between themselves and these guitarists. It can be quite intimidating. This is the first big drop off point for would-be guitarists. Do not underestimate how intimidating this can be. And what's worse, it is extremely personal.

Learning a few chords and and then trying to play some songs might not yield the results most people are looking for. The guitar is a rich instrument. Because it is so rich there are many things you can do with it. All of them require you invest some time and develop a few skills.

You can spend hundreds of hours experimenting on how to learn, and not play songs the way you want.

Or you can read one easy book and put it all to rest, here and now!

Yes! One simple book! And it costs about the same as one half of a lesson. One half of one lesson! And you can use it month after month.

Make no mistake about this, Uncle Tim's books are incredibly complete and jam packed with concepts and techniques you need to know. You can spend ten hours learning to play leads the wrong way, or one hour learning the right way. But if you develop bad technique now, the rest of your time will be spent reinforcing these bad techniques. That can be a deal killer right off the bat.

Even if you continue to use these bad techniques, just realize there are performance hits that will be imposed on you as you continue to use them. These performance hits can make it hard to play songs well. And every day you play guitar, these performance hits follow you. You will not easily be able to get away from them. Once they become ingrained, they become hard habits to break. And that is the truth. So just avoid them!

Uncle Tim's books are sold around the world and expert guitar players rely on them every day. Uncle Tim's books work this way. They go right to the heart of the matter, they don't cheat the reader by leaving out important details and they make it so easy to understand music that everyone can use them to play guitar. These books remove the problems of learning to play guitar.

This adds up to rock solid resources that have withstood the test of time

Thousands of people have already used these books to become guitar players. They work! You can do it too. And it can happen a lot faster than you might think, and you can have lots of fun doing it.

Make no mistake about it, if you are going to be anything better than rank with this instrument, you will have to learn some things and apply yourself. You will need to develop some muscles memory and your technique. Nobody plays the guitar without some work. They may not tell you what they did to acquire the skills, but believe me, if they can play well enough to impress you, they worked at it.

Whether you are just beginning or are an established guitar player, we have the answers! Answers you can understand. Answers that were designed to take the guesswork out of the process and deliver the gift of music. As an example, in Uncle Tim's First Year everything is presented in the framework of keys. Almost all of the time a guitarist is playing, he or she is in one key or another.

Why isn't it taught that way? Why isn't the foundation of keys common among guitar players? If you are expected to play in a key and adhere to the common rules, shouldn't you be made aware of them? Shouldn't you have a chance to practice and learn them? Since almost all songs are in one of the keys, wouldn't it make it easier if you understood music that way? Songs are often simple, so are the concepts of keys, but until you know these things, they remain a big nagging mystery.

Here is a little trick to cut the work of learning keys in half. Did you know there is no difference between the keys of A minor and C major? No differences at all. As you work through the key of C major, make sure you are aware that A minor uses the same chords and scale. Each major key has a minor key inside it. Most people never understand this or use it, yet all by itself, you cut the memorization of keys in half. This little example is actually huge. It also shows that very few people really know keys well. And that is just the beginning. You can cut the memorization down even more. Lots more.

When this information is discovered and applied, it is common to see people answer questions they have always wondered about. Years of wondering are replaced by extreme motivation. Give your guitar playing a big jolt! We deliver on this promise. We have testimony from people that use our books and have passed through the barriers. People write us and tell us everything we promised has happened to them! See our reader comments for yourself, here is a link. Keep in mind that none of these comments have been changed in any way.

Some of these people thought they could never understand it, ever. All it took was a little time with Uncle Tim's First Year.

They achieved the results they were looking for when they used these resources. We know what works and what does not. We can even make it very understandable. We can help you to become a better guitar player now! Not later, not sometime in the future, right now! You can even start today. And in case you are wondering, we have a rock solid guarantee that stands behind our words.

Click here to go to the Uncle Tim's First Year page or you can read a little more below.

Uncle Tim's Building Blocks

The second book in the series is Uncle Tim's Building Blocks. This is the cornerstone to advanced lead guitar. This is an intermediate to advanced book.

If you are an advanced player and want to concentrate on lead guitar, we have the best answer you will find anywhere, under any circumstances. This is a big statement, and we back it up.

There is a 12 fret signature of notes that once learned will give you instant access to every scale in every key for the entire fretboard. It is so easy, you can get a handle on it in as little as one hour.

There is simply no better or more complete way to learn scales and lead guitar than Uncle Tim's Building Blocks. If that is your aim, this is the best book available.

Read a few comments to see how this book affects people.

Six months ago I bought your book UTBB. I played rhythm guitar for years (I knew 30-40 chords). Your book has opened my mind to a whole new level of guitar playing! Basically anything above the 4th fret was a mystery to me. I love playing scales, and exploring with different paths (sounds) that scales seem to lead me to.

I've played on our church worship team for years. Then, one Sunday, we were playing a familiar worship song (in the key of D), and I started to hear LEAD sounds in my head. I stopped strumming and let my fingers start playing within the D scale (A string pattern). The lead form I was playing blended so nicely with the song I could hear the sound that I wanted to make and my fingers knew where to go! The other band members all turned around and looked at me and said "Wow....that sounds so cool!" I can't tell you how proud I was. Playing scales, indeed, does pay off.

Playing guitar (acoustic and electric) has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I practice everyday and I always walk away having enjoyed the time I invested.

You have changed my life...Thank you so much! J C, Thornton, Colorado

Uncle Tim's Building Blocks is the only book that will teach you the fretboard visually and show you every key is basically the same thing. This will cut out 95% of all the work necessary to learn every scale, in every position for the entire fretboard. I cannot stress enough how this book can easily change your life if you use it.

Uncle Tim's Book of Chords

If you want to focus on rhythm guitar, Uncle Tim's Book of Chords will take you from a beginner to a very advanced rhythm player. This is also an intermediate to advanced book. It will show you entirely new ways to think about chords.

The same exact scales used in Uncle Tim's Building Blocks will yield three complete sets of chords (for each note) without ever violating the key you are playing in. Scales actually forms a complete visual map of the fretboard for each key and all the chords in that key are all inside the map. Chords will jump out at you as you see how they flow across the fretboard the same way as scales do for each key. At the same time you learn about chords, you get a complete picture of keys. You cannot find this anywhere else. And it is all presented visually. This makes it easy and fast. Of course there are in depth explanations for everything included. But it is presented along with a visual map at all times. Seeing concepts makes them simple to understand.

This is simply the best way to learn to play chords. And if you combine it with books and approaches you are already familiar with, The Uncle Tim Series will make those resources better and more valuable. You might need to read that a few times to grasp the meaning. Remember all this information is connected from one book to another. Once you find a set of resources that helps you see these connections, everything starts to fall in place. Everything is very tightly connected. Literally everything. You will understand those other books much better after this series. You will also start to wonder why in the world they present information in such a hard way to understand. This does not have to be hard.

Every chord can be traced back to its original form. Triads will be the core of all the basic chords you will play. You can see them created and put in place. This is not a bunch of gimmicks, this is the by product of the rules of music. It is meant to be like this. If you explore this series, it will explain everything you ever wondered about music! That is a promise from Uncle Tim and something you can count on!

And if you are a beginner, don't worry. We can start you out with the best beginner book available today, and set up a complete foundation for you in the process!

Uncle Tim's First Yearguitar, sheet music, guitar chords, guitar online, acoustic guitar, playing guitar, electric guitar, guitar songs, how to play a guitar, guitar music, music theory, guitar scales, beginner guitar, advanced guitar, pentatonic scales, diatonic scales, fretboard and online guitar lessons.

If you really want to learn to play guitar, this book is special! This is a breakthrough book! If you want to play the guitar well and are willing to put in some time, this book will deliver the results to you faster than you can imagine.

In just a few short months you should be able to confidently play songs and feel like you are really learning. That is what people report back to us every week. That is what you should expect if you choose to use Uncle Tim's First Year! This is a special book! This book will deliver the gift of music to you! And we have a 100% guarantee in effect every day! This guarantee has been there from the very beginning and it will always be there for you.

How do we deliver? By giving you exactly the right information in just the right way at the right time. This will allow you to build a steady stream of musical knowledge that is steadily built on top of what you know.

Visual diagrams will make it very easy! Everything is illustrated. Every last detail. Then we show you how to use it and apply it. Your knowledge base will explode! You can engage the subject deeply and do it right away. All of the sudden music is not such a foreign idea.

With over 112 carefully chosen photos, hundreds of illustrations and rock solid information based on over 30 years of playing and teaching, together we will build a complete foundation for you. We use a strategy that targets all areas of early development, builds on natural curiosity and connects it with the songs you want to play. These are the things that brought you to this page in the first place, and these books will deliver it to you right now. Right now! No excuses.

You will be motivated to use our exercises because it will make playing songs more fun. You will develop playing skills. Everything works together and you get a rock solid education in the process, for any type of music. You can learn, see and hear each concept as you play. The subject is carefully explained so each part contributes to a well constructed foundation. A clear, complete, easily understood presentation unfolds right in front of you. This comes together to provide a very strong learning experience. Most likely you will read it over and over.

Here is a typical comment. This is typical, not something out of the ordinary.guitar, sheet music, guitar chords, guitar online, acoustic guitar, playing guitar, electric guitar, guitar songs, how to play a guitar, guitar music, music theory, guitar scales, beginner guitar, advanced guitar, pentatonic scales, diatonic scales, fretboard and online guitar lessons.

Tim, This is a letter of pure amazement. I will turn 49 in a couple of weeks, so last week, my wife surprised me with an early birthday present. She gave me a very nice used Fernandes Retrorocket. I knew about 4 chords and could give a decent rendition of It Don't Come Easy and Something. That was the limit of my ability.

I ordered your 1st year book last week, and it came to me on Thursday. I read the 1st chapter on Thursday and started practicing my scales on Friday. After playing scales all day Saturday, it finally dawned on me, it is all alphabetical (I know that is no great breakthrough, but I saw the relationship).

As I was practicing more scales, I started to hear Little Girl by the Beatles, then lo and behold I saw the relationship between the notes on the scale and the chords. I suddenly knew how to play the chords to Little Girl.

Tim, I realize this is all very basic for you, but man, it is a breakthrough for me. I have wanted to play the guitar since I was 15, but I never tried it because I thought it would be too difficult. Now, thanks to you, I now know more than I ever did, and this is only after 2 days.

Your method is amazing, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next days and weeks and months. You have gotten me excited about learning the guitar, and my fingers do not even hurt anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you. S. W.

The choice is yours. I can help you but only if you try this exceptional book. Or you can take your chances somewhere else. I will deliver for you, all you have to do is make up your mind to click this little button right here. This is the hardest part. I will be with you the whole way.

You will also be up and running in record time. And you will go far beyond the level of a person that knows a few chords and a riff or two! We have won people over by giving them this in exactly the way they want it. Exactly the way they understand and think.

Take a look at some more reader comments. You can get the same results! Guaranteed! Lifetime guaranteed!

The best guarantee in the business

Uncle Tim's books all have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with them. There is no time limit on this guarantee!

We guarantee you will love these books or you are welcome to a full refund.

We are that sure these books are like no other in the way they will prove invaluable to your pursuit of music.

If you are after the most complete, easiest to use methods, you have just found it. Now take advantage of it.

Uncle Tim's First Year is used by guitar teachers in over 40 states. And now it's available to you and so is my guarantee!

For many people these books have meant the difference between just playing around and really developing into the guitar player that they knew was inside of them. Try to put a dollar figure on that! They are hand crafted by a musician for musicians. You will become a better guitarist in just a few days.

But that is nothing compared to what will happen if you incorporate this into your practice schedule! You will feel it in your hands. Starting with the first beginner concept all the way to the most advanced exercises. You can become a guitar player in a matter of days. And you will continue to get better. guitar, sheet music, guitar chords, guitar online, acoustic guitar, playing guitar, electric guitar, guitar songs, how to play a guitar, guitar music, music theory, guitar scales, beginner guitar, advanced guitar, pentatonic scales, diatonic scales, fretboard and online guitar lessons.

All this for less than the price of one lesson! And now you can combine this rock solid information with a true multimedia experience. For the first time ever, you can get individual resources hand crafted to work with these books.

Uncle Tim's Teaching Center

Books are just not enough for some people. Some people feel they need to see me play these chords, or hear me play these concepts and take individual lessons from me. So for these people I have introduced Uncle Tim's Teaching Center. It carries my stamp of approval.

The Teaching Center is a multimedia extension of the Uncle Tim series for guitar. All of the intense concepts are explained with mulitimedia tools like mp3 sound files, flash animations of scales and chords and key workshops.  Video passages of all scales are included as are chord libraries. A complete lesson program is available for weekly technical lessons.

If you really want to breathe life into the guitar and make sure you are dialed in with the newest exercises, Uncle Tim's Teaching Center offers all of this to you. Click here for information on Uncle Tim's Teaching Center.

Click here to go to the secure order page.

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