Uncle Tim's Whole Tone Scales For Guitar

Uncle Tim's Whole Tone scalesWhole tone scalesThis is the standard progression of whole tone scales.

Whole tone scales are also called symmetrical scales. Can you see why? They are totally symmetrical. With a whole tone scale, it is always every other note, and then the cycle repeats again.

Once you understand and use these types of concepts, these scales take on new meaning. If you want to explore the sound of symmetrical scales this is a good place to start. whole tone sounds do not show up often and they are under used. But you need to be able to understand them to use them. Otherwise they are just something out there that you cannot use.

Whole tone signatureA symmetrical scale can be memorized for all twelve keys in a matter of minutes. The symmetrical nature of this scale, makes it easy to apply this to any key quickly.

You can only learn this if you look at how it is mapped for each key. Then it's easy. The whole tone example is just one. Whole tone scales amy not be mainstream, but they do have a place in music. Combining these scales with more traditional scales will only make you more versatile and give you more tools to use when the time comes.

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